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FREE Membership:
> Search & View Member Profiles
> View, Create Forum Topics 
> View & Upload Photos 
> Start, Read & Continue Messages


VIP Membership the Extras:
> Add Profile Wall Posts
> Subscribe to Forum Topics
> Comment on Photos
> Send Virtual Gifts
> Send Friend Requests
> Start & Continue Chat
> Access to Forum Events
> Access to Forum Groups


Mobile Friendly
Dynamic theme enabled for all devices. No mobile app required.

Get instant Real-time notifications
Real-time notification system shows the latest information on your dashboard page.
You will be automatically notified if there’s something new about friends, comments.

Privacy settings
You can pick a privacy level for your profile, photos, comments and posts.

View mutual friends
Smilies in messages and profiles.

Photo galleries
You can organise your photos in different galleries. You have space for 333 photos in each gallery that is a total gallery space of 99999 photos.
Each photo must not exceed 1.5MB

User status
The user status functionality is similar to Facebook and other social networks. You can set a status such as "Private", "Just Looking".
The status is shown on the user profile page, in the online friends list and in the friend events. Please respect a members PRIVATE status, thank you.

Home Page Dashboard
Dynamic components that notify you of new users, popular blog posts, new forum topics, online friends, news and more!

Dedicated page where you can review and moderate comments left on their profile or photos.

You can see if your message has been read, ignored or deleted.
The message history icon now links to all messages from that user and a small icon next to the profile quickly indicates that you have already sent or received a message from that user.

There is a main chat feature at the bottom on the page just like facebook.

Flag and Abuse reports
Report abuse functionality for photos, profiles and messages so you can report abusive photos, profiles and messages.
There is a section in the administrative tool where administrators can review the reports and take appropriate actions for you.

Profile comments
Leave comments on other users profiles.

Members Online
Who's online list and a Real-time online users list.

FREE Support ticket system for all members, review the standard set of articles or ask any questions from how to use the site, billing, technical issues to reporting abuse.

If there is anything you would like adding or requires amending please contact us from our support page


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