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terrywebbs's blog

Whether your a seller or buyer, Amazon can be either the bane of your life or a great tool. From the perspective of a buyer it works almost flawlessly, you have the little annoyance of making an order up to £20 just to get the one item you really need, however after a little more searching you can usually find what you need without having to sacrifice too much money. I am not one for add-on sales and am almost drawn in to the frantic add-on buying attitude to get the one item i really wanted but I stop and ask myself why am I spending £26 when I only wanted one item for £7.00 - That dilemma is for another post!

I am on the side of the Seller/Merchant today, there hasn't been any real major changes made to Amazon seller policies of recent, overall the minor updates have made selling more advantages. The shipping policy update this year was a great improvement making it easier to change and add postage policies for regions not normally available before. Sellers are now able to set different postage amounts for each region and then apply them to any number of products. The down side is that some regions like the UK for instance have regions that you may need to separate out and charge a little more like the highlands and the channel islands. Sorry folks Amazon still counts the channel islands and the highlands as part of the UK and your postage policies remain stuck in limbo at the same rates you charge for normal UK delivery. 

The system works great for the rest of the world and it's regions, you are able to set different price policies for each country or region. Amazon do give you the options to set different and varying amounts under each new postage policy you create however the system is quick to tell you when you try to set varying amounts to UK regions, yeah it lets you set varying amounts for each region but wont let you save it. You can't fool the system and currently there is no workaround either.

All this continues on from Amazon's 2012 postage policy system update it sees all UK postcodes as the same region.

Maybe this is not an Amazon issue but a government one, delivery firms are the ones charging sellers more for delivering to the highlands and Channel Islands even though these regions all fall under the same UK postcode system. On a positive note Royal Mail can delivery to these areas at no extra cost.

I have used Paypal for many years and I must admit it does have it's quirky annoyances, the search needs some improvements and navigation can be tiresome at times.

However more and more online companies are now joining the revolution with the PayPal payment option.

You can do so much more with this option - as a merchant they do charge you a fee but you can offset this against your product or service costs.

Overall from a customer point of view it is the best option.

Customers do not need to register or enter any information into a website to buy stuff.

Once you get to the PayPal screen you can change your address or add another delivery address.

All your details are then passed back to the merchant and you didn't do anything other than login to PayPal.

Such a more convenient way to shop online, it's safe, secure and guaranteed for both seller and buyer.

I know not every body likes new technology and are all wary of scams but overall your got to admit PayPal is better than finding your credit card

then having to type in all that rubbish in then your address details only to find your address is not recognised.

I recently upgraded my standard PayPal personal account to business and now reap the rewards

Personal and Business accounts are still both FREE - you just pay a small fee to sell stuff

They both now carry the same rates/fees with business being slightly cheaper the more you sell.

Business accounts have added features for those that sell stuff you get subscription options, invoice features and some.

If you have a personal account and sell on eBay or are looking to set a payment option on a website it is best to upgrade to Business for FREE.

You get so much more at no extra cost, you have more to gain going Business.

You can even continue to buy stuff with PayPal in the same way as you did before.

You can always downgrade if you don't like the features or the interface.

Another nail in the coffin for eBay sellers with new updated selling policies out in August.


What's changing

  • From October 2017, you'll no longer be allowed to share contact information in your item descriptions, images or eBay Shops. This does not apply to Classified Ads.
  • Your contact details will continue to be available to buyers; they will automatically display under Business details on the seller's profile page.
  • We've also updated our links policy to limit the types of links allowed on listings.


Sellers must now remove all correspondence information from listings mainly telephone numbers and emails.


Failure to do so will ensure the listings effected will no longer relist.

Yet another eBay tactic to try and clamp down on buyers obtaining goods from eBay sellers outside of eBay...

If sellers are looking to edit all listings in one go with eBay's bulk editing tool (some HTML crap) it will crash randomly loosing all your updates or worse still show  warnings about images or other issues, and unless those listings are resolved those updates wont save, yet again forcing sellers to do more work. Since the demise of turbo lister what options do sellers have but to use the HTML eBay tool, and yes it is a tool in every sense of the word! You can choose to editing each listing from the item listing page one by one and this method does not encounter these same issues and you can save the updates regardless of image quality, however if you have over 2,000 listings do you really want to edit them individually?

 Not only that but eBay are currently forcing all your hypertext links to a blank page, so if any sellers have links in listings that aren't set with the open link in a blank page they may all fail after 2017! Thanks eBay yet another epic fail!

 Just when PayPal was getting better, eBay now drops down a few pegs.

Ooh, suit you!

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