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This could be good assessment of how well you know and practice the Five Stages of Dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement. Each stage is required to form a solid foundation in a relationship and, ideally, the stages should be completed in order.


Now, let's see where your relationship style puts you in the dating game … 


Whether you’re officially dating or not even sure if what you’re doing is a date, it’s kind of strange that a series of successive planned activities with rigidly prescribed rules defines whether or not two people are compatible for a long-term relationship. And yet, we continue to do it. Since dating is so weird, one’s navigation of this world can say a lot about them.


Online dating sites present us with a seemingly endless amount of choice and questions to fill out, at first this array of choice may seem to be a good thing, however this may not be a good thing all of the time especially when having to fill out forms and answer long questions. 


This degree of choice in online dating has a differential effect on the decision making strategies we all make. When more options are available to participants, this can lead to more searching behaviour. 'More means worse' and the ultimate consequence is that we can end up not finding our best dating match.



At Terry Webbs we keep things simple and uncomplicated, we want dating to be fun, not mundane, we want dating to be about you finding your perfect partner or soulmate and not having to worry about answering profile questions or filling out forms. At Terry Webbs you can be more of yourself and worry less about forms and profiles!

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