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terrywebbs's blog



My personal 6 reasons why I choose to ditch the landline for a VOIP phone!


1. No line rental charges

2. Cheaper call charges

3. 30 day contract or pay as you go terms

4. FREE incoming calls

5. No setup charges

6. UK local number supplied FREE


You may all be thinking another SKYPE story, actually no!

I was a little sceptical at first but after doing some research I found it was fairly easy and cheap to use any existing phone or mobile on the a VOIP service. There are many different companies offering very similar packages however it all depends what you want and how you want to achieve the savings. Some offer you a FREE number, others charge you, some charge you to receive calls, they all ideally would want you to sign up to a monthly rolling contract either way, but you don't need to. A small proportion offer a 'pay as you go' service with still low call charges.


I wanted to be free from any monthly contract, which still turns out to be very competitive at £9.95 with inclusive calls to landline and mobiles and the benefit of FREE calls to other VOIP users on the same network! The Pay as you go service offers from 1p per minute call charges to UK land lines, with  mobiles being slightly higher, however this is still cheaper overall than other providers out there.


Setting up was a breeze on the Andoid and iPhone with some simple settings added to the SIP part of the mobile and your ready to go.

I also bought a cheap dedicated cisco phone and contacted it direct to the network, that came with a dedicated ip admin interface, that was a little more tricky to setup but again very straightforward and easy to follow instructions from the sipgate VOIP providers website.


If you are already technically savoy then setting up any phone will be fairly easy with NO need for any apps of special software.

However for those a little less technical there are plenty of free apps, software and detailed support available.


VoIP telephone services for your home or office, whether you are residential, business or developer, sipgate is simple and flexible.


Visit sipgate for more details


Ooh, suit you!