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Easter is much more than an egg thing!

Including a very famous biblical figure.

We are a great believer in the phrase 'with age comes wisdom'

and so with that it's never too late to date!

Try something new and enjoy something different!

We don't do Questionaries, we let you be yourself!

However we proactively encourage all our members to 'Ask More Questions' of other members

When you chat or message other members it is always best practice to be interested in them.

We have seen many possible dating relationships fall at the first hurdle where both parties never asked enough questions.


So if you want to start off on a solid footing show some interest in one another and ask questions.

Never be shy, you have one life make the most of it, have no regrets and live the dream!

Observe the 4 p.m. Deadline- As the big date approaches, women worry that they'll be stood up. This is why there's a 4 p.m. deadline. If you call at 4:20 to confirm the 8 p.m. date, I'll have already made other plans, just to protect myself from the letdown. Call between noon and 4, or risk being set adrift like a hard-luck astronaut.


Choose the Location Well - If we live in a city, the first date should be closer to my place than yours so you can walk me home. You should reach the meeting place on time or a little early. If you're driving to my place, pick me up 5 minutes late. There may be a stray hair that needs taming. And observe proper car etiquette. Always open the door for me, whether or not your car has power locks. Pressing a button does not a gentleman make.


Money Matters - Spending too much on a date makes me think you're trying to buy my affection. Or worse. I'd rather see evidence of your personal interest than your interest-bearing accounts.


Pay Attention - Girls spend a lot of time getting glam. They also spend a lot of time wondering if guys notice. Respond to my efforts. But Chill with the Compliments, give me a couple of sincere snaps but make sure they're thoughtful.


Introduce Me - If you stop and talk to absolutely anyone, introduce me within 30 seconds without using the words "my friend." Personal details are required. By date six, I should have met all your important friends.


Don't Go All Donald on Me - Unless a woman is a hopeless climber, you won't impress her with what you own (that is, if you own anything). Instead, let me discover what's valuable about you, not what you've bought.


Notice What I Drink - Ask me if I'd like a refill when I leave an empty glass behind and head for the ladies' room. This makes you attentive and thoughtful.


Walk Me to My Door - It's a scary world, and I want you to protect me. If you're welcome inside my apartment, I will invite you. Do not ask to use the bathroom.


Kiss Me - If the date has gone well, lips must come into play. Even if it's just a peck. It gives me more peace of mind than you can imagine. Don't be discouraged if I hesitate to kiss you in return. I might be shy or nervous because I really like you.


Recognise the Kiss-Off - Game over if I don't kiss you on a second date. Take the hint.

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At Terry Webbs we pride ourselves in being a clean and friendly site

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Please make private closed groups and post private stuff if you so wish in there


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#Dating #Free #Friends #Companion #Soulmate #Fun

Most of us have only seen speed dating in movies and TV, where it's portrayed as possibly the most godawful experience on the planet.   It makes sense, though. It's easy to make a joke out of a quick interaction with a weird character we never have to see again. But in real life, that kind of makes it exciting.


How does it actually work? Supposedly an equal number of men and women? This usually never happens there are more women then men - statistically speaking. They sit down at a table, armed with a name tag and a piece of paper. You meet someone, you talk for 5 minutes, and afterward you circle yes if you liked them or no if you didn't. If you both circle yes, you get each others' contact information in an email the next day. Sounds relatively painless, right?


And that's fun for you? Totally! You get to make snap judgements on people in 5 minutes, we're humans and we all love to judge and you know it, you also get to meet a ton of interesting people you might never otherwise. 


So¦ what makes that different from online dating  you are asking? When you date online, you pre-screen. You scrutinise the little things. This person's profile looks awesome but¦ oh. They love to watch reruns of ˜The Big Bang Theory?' It might never work. Speed dating gives you the chance to have a proper conversation with them and see if you get along. You're getting a slight glimpse at whether or not you might actually enjoy their company.


But I like pre-screening and scrutinising!I deserve someone who is up to my standards. It's good to have standards. Online dating can be a lot of fun, and can yield some great results, that is why here at Terry Webbs we promote Free online activity, we give you the ability to interact in more ways than one for Free, so you have the best opportunities to get to know your perfect match for Free...!

You don't need speed dating as we can give you Free dating!

Creating a detailed on online profile will give others a little snippet about what you are like as a person, just enough for them to be interested. 

All our members have the opportunity to message anyone online for FREE, before committing time and money to an off-line date or meeting.


Inviting someone to online Messaging:

To experience messaging online you simply start from the comfort of your home. Its a fun way to start a conversation with any of our members before you meet in person. It is FREE to connect with anyone on our site, you don't need a paid membership like with other so called FREE dating web sites.


By having an online message first you can get a really good sense of a person:

Messaging online is less time consuming than meeting every person off-line who seems perfect in a profile.

> If the person is funny, they will make you laugh

> if they are interesting they will capture your attention

> if they are boring well, as you are online you don't have to continue!

Anyone who's been on the dating scene knows how scary it is, with friends setting up blind dates, meeting strangers or taking a stab at an online dating service. Bombarded with people offering unsolicited advice on who's right for you, it's no wonder choosing someone to go out with gets confusing. You have to listen to your common sense, and with the following process, you can decide who to date.


Find out if you like doing the same things. If you enjoy watching a movie at home with a big bucket of popcorn when he'd rather be out hiking a trail, that's a clue that you have different hobbies. The more activities you enjoy in common, the more you'll have to do when you're together.


Inquire about her faith. It may not seem that important at the beginning when you're just deciding who to date, but dating someone who believes much as you do will help a future relationship. If your faith is important to you, this is an especially pertinent piece of information to have before asking her out.


Share similar family values. You spend every holiday surrounded by family and can't wait to open presents on Christmas Eve, but he flies to Aspen to ski Christmas week. The differences in your life may attract you to him now but may cause problems when your family asks for him next Christmas.

Watch how she treats others. When you go out on your first date, pay attention to how she interacts with and treats other people. You can tell a lot about her by whether she berates the wait staff for small infractions or treats others with respect.


Consider your past relationships. If you see a familiar unsuccessful pattern emerging, think twice before saying "yes" to dinner and a movie with another high-powered executive. You might think you need to be dating a certain type, but it may be time to redefine the type for you.


Resist giving in to a dry spell. Your friends may mean well by trying to send you out on blind dates with all of their girlfriends' girlfriends, but don't ask someone out just for the sake of going out. If you know ahead of time that she just doesn't interest you, then head off any future complications by passing.


Evaluate whether your goals are compatible. If you see yourself in 10 years with the four-bedroom, two and a half-bath colonial with two kids, a dog and a picket fence, but he's talking about backpacking through Europe before touring the Outback, forgo a second date.

Labels identify things...Labels do not define who we are!

Nerd, gay, looser, stoner, stupid, emo, loner... From the moment we start to care about what others think we automatically categorise ourselves a certain way. We immediately start to lose our self esteem because we compare ourselves to those who appear superior. In those moments, we start to lose who we are because we mask our true identities. We have to remember that those labels do not define us. We are so much more than what society perceives us to be. 


From your school days into college, in everyday life and even in the workplace you can soon learn to care too much about the opinion of others. You can easily began to lose true friends because you may became more concerned about fitting in with the "popular" crowd. 


If people perceive you a bit of a "nerd," they assume you are strange for caring about education. During these moments, you could either try to prove to your peers to be wrong and stick to your convictions and continue pursuing education. Although you may have some struggles on the way, your decision will be the best you made. Thirst for education can only help your success and open up more opportunities.


In these moments we can either let our labels make or break us. We can learn and grow through these experiences if we look at the bigger picture.


In all honesty, if you do not know who you truly are then no big deal, other peoples opinions don't really matter when it comes to labels because we are who we are.


People often think that being reserved and shy harms society, others beg to differ. Being quiet does not mean that a person does not have anything to say. It can mean so much more. Some may enjoy the opportunity to listen to others. Others may not have an opinion on the topic at hand. Whatever the case may be, labels do not define us. We are all different in our own unique ways. Society is afraid of change and accept different people. Because of this, we ultimately harm ourselves because we struggle to mask our true identities. Instead, we look for an escape route in order to please others. Along the way we end up harming ourselves. Therefore, we are all human and we need to accept others for their beautiful selves. 

My advice is to be imperfectly you.


Ooh, suit you!