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terrywebbs's blog


How to live with no regrets


Those who endeavour to seek out the answers will find true rewards!


To ultimately have no regrets you haven't lived, those that say they have no regrets either have not experienced everything life has to offer and therefore simply have no regrets...


Hindsight, a word I dislike, sums up wisdom and experience in one, you never understand a situation or event fully until it has happened or developed. Experiencing situations and events gives us the wisdom to make the right decisions, hindsight merely joins the dots and tells us, well if I only knew that! It almost sums up sarcasm in a single word, and yet lies another word I dislike, sarcasm. 


Some choose to use sarcasm to convey irony or mock a situation, while others mix it a bit and use it in such contempt, it dispels the important issue and mocks it.


How to erase the past


With the darkest minds you can do almost anything, erasing memories being one of them!
Removing everyday objects, keepsakes or mementos from your life in an effort to forget the past, is the easy part. Removing memories takes more skill than the simple orange, when used in the right process will give you a tasteful marmalade.


Even everyday tasks such as getting up in the morning, making the breakfast or simply doing the washing up, could all hold memories and make it harder to move on. Erasing text messages and photos really isn't something that works that well, as you tend to want to look over them again a few weeks later, only to find you did delete them all.


They only true way to erase the past is to set a new future, take up a new hobby or get stuck back in to something you haven't done in a long while, might be blogging or photography, even shopping can sorta help create a new escapism. Don't mope about thinking what if, dwelling on past events, or going over things in your head trying to work out a reasonings, this never gets anybody anywhere, you can never resolve anything alone, it will make you resentful and you will definitely come to the wrong conclusions about a situation or why something was said.

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