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Right I am now going to shatter your preconceptions of the Mac

6 reasons to own a Mac my personal choice!
I have been lucky enough to had the experience and use a wide variety of systems over the last 20+ years. The last 5 were spent testing out the Mac mini. One of my many personal projects was testing software on windows based machines, I was surprised at how much software I needed to install to just do some of my basic projects. Windows came with some half descent software but nothing to do some serious stuff like editing code, web design or viewing pdf files without installing third party softwares and thus I accumulated over 15 or so free/shareware softwares just for my main productivity work.

Don't get me wrong for the average person Windows works right out of the box they even had a cool video editing software tool but it soon became apparent that Microsoft wasn't prepared to keep support very long on any of it's releases and I was again in a position by where either the software bugs never got fixed or the updating operating system it sat upon failed to except it as time went on. Becoming ever decreasingly dissatisfied with the whole windows thing I started working on an alternative, I tried various free  open source Linux based systems, loved the command prompt features, but that got tiresome... Then I started to look at Mac, obviously I couldn't test one so I started to do some heavy research.

I lined up all the windows based productivity software I needed for my projects and then looked at what I would need on the Mac to accomplish the same projects. I was surprised to find the Mac actually came with native built in tools to do most of my work right out of the box.

Some of the built in features;

1. pdf file reader and editor.

2. rename multiple files.

3. edit/resize/scale/crop images.

4. screen shot options.

5. open compressed files like IOS images.

6. convert images/text files to pdf

...and much more.

So from my 15+ extra software installs on windows I was down to only 5 extra software installs on the Mac.

The Mac catered for almost all my productivety needs right out of the box!

Most importantly with every major apple Mac software release you get a free upgrade, something you never get with windows.

Right, now comes the crunch, Mac's don't have to be expensive and you don't have to update all your equipment.

You can keep your existing mouse, keyboard, monitor, scanner, printer and any other device.

All you need to buy is the Mac mini it has all the ports you need to continue working with any devices

It has a very small form factor and can sit anywhere.

These start from £400 for refurbished and £649 for a decent spec new

If you need to increase productivity and want to save on space and time

Then look no further than the Mac mini

These do not come with a cd/dvd drive that is an extra purchase, still it won't break the bank at £79!

...and yes I did buy a Mac mini in late 2012 cpu 2.3GHz intel core i7 / 16GB ram / 1TB drive.

It is now running the latest macOS sierra software and still running great!

I have however upgraded my old samsung monitor since then that died.


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1. Never give your real or full name. Use a nickname for your own safety. You shouldn't have to give anything more than a very broad area of where you live. Keep contact details to the absolute minimum, no one really needs to know!

2. Profiles with pictures receive more contacts, find a recent photograph, everyone is attractive in their own unique way and there will be someone who will think that about you.

3. In the areas that ask you about stuff about yourself – be original. Try and compose something that will grab the interest of the type of person that you are aiming to attract. Elaborate and give a lot of interesting information about yourself, no matter how quirky it may be.

4.  Be specific about the type of person that you are hoping to meet. This will narrow down your search and make finding a match easier.

5. Quirky works well, however weird is a no no! Whatever your interests, there will be someone to match them.

6.  Above all else just be yourself!


No Winks – Some dating sites have fancy features that allow you to amongst other things allow you to ‘wink’ at other members. These sites may have paid membership too and winking is a way around paying for the membership, however a wink is as far it will get. Winking is ok if you follow it up with a message. At terrywebbs we do not have winks or other gimmicks, you can message anyone for free without the need for fancy wink features.

Don't be over Eager – There is nothing worse than being too eager. It can be rather flattering at first but it can al get very weird soon, so if you think you may be over-eager be honest with yourself, calm the fuck down and take it slow!

Don't Lie – When you’re writing your profile or a message be yourself, it is so easy to be someone else online, avoid the temptation to be an internet superdater. Remember those little lies all add up and can make you a completely different person.

Don't Ask For Personal Stuff – It’s ok to ask questions to get to know someone but asking for personal info when you hardly know each other can come across as weird. At terrywebbs we discourage you from exchanging personal data, you never really know who is reading it, don't get drawn into a scam. 

No Old Photos – You may have looked hot when you were younger, however you are not younger anymore, so a current picture is best and one that shows you and is in focus. At terrywebbs we you not need a photo to join, however you can use any photo you like, it can even be a photo of your favourite vegetable as long as it is not pornographic. 

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Easter is much more than an egg thing!

Including a very famous biblical figure.

I am a great believer in the phrase 'with age comes wisdom' and so with that it's never too late to date!

Try something new and enjoy something different!

We don't do Questionaries, we let you be yourself!

However we proactively encourage all our members to 'Ask More Questions' of other members

When you chat or message other members it is always best practice to be interested in them.

We have seen many possible dating relationships fall at the first hurdle where both parties never asked enough questions.

So if you want to start off on a solid footing show some interest in one another and ask questions.

Never be shy, you have one life make the most of it, have no regrets and live the dream!


Observe the 4 p.m. Deadline - As the big date approaches, women worry that they'll be stood up. This is why there's a 4 p.m. deadline. If you call at 4:20 to confirm the 8 p.m. date, I'll have already made other plans, just to protect myself from the letdown. Call between noon and 4, or risk being set adrift like a hard-luck astronaut.

Choose the Location Well - If we live in a city, the first date should be closer to my place than yours—so you can walk me home. You should reach the meeting place on time or a little early. If you're driving to my place, pick me up 5 minutes late. There may be a stray hair that needs taming. And observe proper car etiquette. Always open the door for me, whether or not your car has power locks. Pressing a button does not a gentleman make.

Money Matters - Spending too much on a date makes me think you're trying to buy my affection. Or worse. I'd rather see evidence of your personal interest than your interest-bearing accounts.

Pay Attention - Girls spend a lot of time getting glam. They also spend a lot of time wondering if guys notice. Respond to my efforts. But Chill with the Compliments, give me a couple of sincere snaps—but make sure they're thoughtful.

Introduce Me - If you stop and talk to absolutely anyone, introduce me within 30 seconds without using the words "my friend." Personal details are required. By date six, I should have met all your important friends.

Don't Go All Donald on Me - Unless a woman is a hopeless climber, you won't impress her with what you own (that is, if you own anything). Instead, let me discover what's valuable about you, not what you've bought.

Notice What I Drink - Ask me if I'd like a refill when I leave an empty glass behind and head for the ladies' room. This makes you attentive and thoughtful.

Walk Me to My Door - It's a scary world, and I want you to protect me. If you're welcome inside my apartment, I will invite you. Do not ask to use the bathroom.

Kiss Me - If the date has gone well, lips must come into play. Even if it's just a peck. It gives me more peace of mind than you can imagine. Don't be discouraged if I hesitate to kiss you in return. I might be shy or nervous because I really like you.

Recognise the Kiss-Off - Game over if I don't kiss you on a second date. Take the hint.


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At Terry Webbs we pride ourselves in being a clean and friendly site

If you want to upload private images that is entirely up to you but please refrain from making them public for all to see

Please make private closed groups and post private stuff if you so wish in there

Do not post “offensive” posts, links or images

Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted. This includes user pictures. Use common sense while posting. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of children or parents, don't post it !


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