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terrywebbs's blog


In other words: Do It Yourself Bondage Kit

Out of touch with your partner? Want to try something new and exciting?
If you are looking to spice up your sex life, then get ready for some harmless fun with some rope, a blindfold and a dual dog lead.
Stuff obtained from any DIY store, next time you're browsing the aisles have your bedroom head on, seriously!
You will be presently surprised at what everyday stuff can be used for.

I must admit I have a little fetish with kitchen utensils and jeans, but that's two very different stories for another day!


You gotta love this... enough said!

Amid fears Microsoft could ditch yet another operating system and force another upgrade to the whole government infrastructure, at a cost that almost crippled the Job Centre Plus computer system back in 2006 with an upgrade from windows xp to windows 7. They were faced with hours of down time due to Microsoft stuck updates and incompetent Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE), which left thousands of Job Seekers and Job Centre Staff doing everything by hand for weeks.

Civil servants could now face a fast tracked training course as the whole government systems could be replaced with Apple Mac's at a fraction of the spiralling ongoing costs of keeping the now windows based systems.

As spokes person for the head of IT was quoted in saying "Amid fears of further down time and spiralling costs, the windows based system wasn't an option, a more reliable system is being sourced and Apple is in the forefront, although costly in the short term, overall savings for the tax paying are much more favourable. Mac's operating system software upgrades without the need for further purchases unlike that of windows that requires the purchase of new operating systems every 3 years, Mac's are more reliable both in software and hardware, furthermore productivity and usability on a Mac system has been scientifically proven to be much more beneficial, this undoubtably is a better all round option for the long term investment. Let us not forget there are more virus' written for a windows based system when you can count on one hand that for a Mac"

Other systems such as the Linux based Ubuntu software was mentioned, however that never runs on similar hardware to windows.


Android or Apple (Google or IOS)


I Like subjects like this as it really does separate the wheat from the chaff!!!
This is my experiences with both Android and Apple (Google and IOS)


I started out with a Motorola V3 and enjoyed messing with the OS and tweaking the settings with software customisation. Then I bought my first Sony mobile and was overwhelmed by the choice Android offered and the possibilities of software customisation. However was sick to the back teeth of over 100 bloatware and unnecessary apps that manufactures put on these devices, these eat out resources and take up memory.


6 months after purchasing a Sony mobile it was announced they were to stop software updates, this then started me on the road to Android ROM development. This lead on to Xiaomi MIUI software ROM customisation, as this was always sleek and stripped down with only a few add-on apps. I made it work on the Sony Xperia SP mobile and a few others, then the software started to get really big, the Miui development team overhauled the software and it increased in size exponentially, making it too big for my little Sony mobile.


Then I moved back onto google Android and began tweaking and overhauling the Sony software, which by this time had become open source and they were positively encouraging people to unlock Sony mobiles with a site served unlocking feature. Enabling me to remove all the bloatware and stripping it back so it could go onto any android mobile old or new. Loved the fact I could take the Sony Android source code, strip it back and still make it work... Then like Xiaomi MIUI, google Android announces an overhaul, this meant it becoming bigger and more security was added in the way of double compression, making customising more laborious and time consuming. Sony soon released updates and then my many years of building custom Android ROMs was over...


Love Android for choice and customisation, the Google software is open source so you a free to develop but must adhere to the open source policies. Other manufactures are less open, Sony started releasing open source software but not for all the devices, hence why customisation was so fundamental, you can in essence take one ROM from one mobile and build to work on another, utterly amazing.


I now digress, I first bought a Mac mini, and was surprised that I could still do all the things I did on the PC but better and fast on the Mac... productivity was unparalleled to that on the PC, I digressed, I was still able to develop Android from a Mac a little cumbersome but possible due to my eureka moment with drag-and-drop zip file transfer (anybody that has customised Android ROM's will know you need to sign a ROM otherwise you can't run it, a security feature, which my drag-and-drag idea bypassed).


This is when I decided to give up on Android development and I bought an Apple iPhone 5S, I turned to Apple as their IOS was sleek and came with very little bloatware... so I now had no need to customise it!


Moved onto the iPhone6S, and am always looking to upgrade, but is bigger, better? I am not so sure I would like a bigger pocket bulge! 


At the end of the day, what mobile you have is a personal choice, it all depends what you want out of a mobile. I just want to make calls and send text, without bloatware, everything else is just a bonus. In my humble opinion Android is still full of bloatware, even the propriety Google stuff is not without some form of bloat. No wonder people complain about having no memory left on their devices or why it's not got the memory as advertised!

I use my desktop computer for everything else, because everything else can wait, I don't need to keep up to date with anything every second of the day... however if I ever did, I have an iPhone that can do that!


I would like to know what is it that so important that every day I walk to work I see practically everybody looking at their mobiles, apart from me and one or two others? Might make for some great chit chat in the forum?


The Wildlife Park - Animal Sanctuary

The New Forest Wildlife Park is located on the edge of The New Forest, Hampshire. The Park specialises in native and past-native wildlife of Britain and otters and owls from around the globe, housing four species of the former and ten of the latter. The Park is recognised as the UK's leading institution in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild otters, along with the rehabilitation of other wildlife such as owls, deer and foxes, and it is involved in several conservation projects, including breeding programmes for endangered native species such as Scottish wildcats, water voles and harvest mice.

























The internet and security around using secure passwords!

So what's the hype? 


Never tell anyone your password and never write it down, always use a different password for each website, and always use a strong password!

Totally impossible to actually do... My computer recently told me I had too many websites with the password used as login credentials, however on further investigation I realised that all the websites had a very different email login/username very unique to each website. So altho the warning was positive it was a false/positive, it wasn't looking at the login credentials as a whole, only the password part, so very misleading.

Hence why I wasn't bothered when Yahoo announced yet another data breach, as the useername was never used on any other site so was rendered useless in anybodies hands even with the password it wouldn't gain them access to anything other than yahoo and let's face it there isn't much damage anyone can do with Yahoo, not on my account anyhoo.


1. How can you ever remember a password that must fit the criteria minimum of 8 characters long, needs to contain at least one number and a special character, and have an uppercase letter, further more must not contain any personal in formation or be a name or dictionary word!
2. Then how can you remember more than one password with all of the above, without writing it down or keeping a log.

Simples use the same password for every website and just have a different email login instead, that way if any information gets stolen all they have is a unique email that can only be used on that website. Your password isn't the only security measure you can make in keeping yourself safe on the internet, having a very unique email login is also very useful

Or use a password app, however they aren't always free, so simply just create a file with all your login credentials and password protect it and then make it hidden!

How to live with no regrets


Those who endeavour to seek out the answers will find true rewards!


To ultimately have no regrets you haven't lived, those that say they have no regrets either have not experienced everything life has to offer and therefore simply have no regrets...


Hindsight, a word I dislike, sums up wisdom and experience in one, you never understand a situation or event fully until it has happened or developed. Experiencing situations and events gives us the wisdom to make the right decisions, hindsight merely joins the dots and tells us, well if I only knew that! It almost sums up sarcasm in a single word, and yet lies another word I dislike, sarcasm. 


Some choose to use sarcasm to convey irony or mock a situation, while others mix it a bit and use it in such contempt, it dispels the important issue and mocks it.


How to erase the past


With the darkest minds you can do almost anything, erasing memories being one of them!
Removing everyday objects, keepsakes or mementos from your life in an effort to forget the past, is the easy part. Removing memories takes more skill than the simple orange, when used in the right process will give you a tasteful marmalade.


Even everyday tasks such as getting up in the morning, making the breakfast or simply doing the washing up, could all hold memories and make it harder to move on. Erasing text messages and photos really isn't something that works that well, as you tend to want to look over them again a few weeks later, only to find you did delete them all.


They only true way to erase the past is to set a new future, take up a new hobby or get stuck back in to something you haven't done in a long while, might be blogging or photography, even shopping can sorta help create a new escapism. Don't mope about thinking what if, dwelling on past events, or going over things in your head trying to work out a reasonings, this never gets anybody anywhere, you can never resolve anything alone, it will make you resentful and you will definitely come to the wrong conclusions about a situation or why something was said.

Aptitude Test Practice!


I wasn't practising  when I did mine, so why are they called Aptitude Test Practice?

Probably out of practice with my English? Probably out of tune with the current Job Seeking Terms too! I recently had to take an Aptitude Test, not for a job but to get onto the books at an employment agency.


I only did it to prove a point, the point that is we do not need employment agents and are quite able to find a job without such.The amusing thing about these tests is that it will work for about 90 percent of people, for the other 10 percent it will fail. I fall into that 10 percent, I am not saying this due to the actual fact I failed quite miserably, far from it. I failed as I am that 10 percent of people that you can't put into a box and label.

My result clearly show that I have no idea how excel or word works, yet I am a qualified computer hardware and software engineer. The only draw back to these tests's is they only show your ability to remember where stuff is, not whether or not you can use the software. I can use all office software perfectly well and some, yet ask me where the hyphenation tool is and I will stumble.

Please find below my assessment results: 



Score: 69%

Questions Asked: 13

Questions Correct: 9

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 3

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00



 Score: 32%

Questions Asked: 31

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 20

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Alpha-Numeric (on Screen)

Quality: 93 %

Productivity: 4272 KDPH

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Aptitude - Fill In The Blanks

Score: 61 %

Questions Asked: 36

Questions Correct: 22

Questions Incorrect: 14

Questions Unattempted: 0

Time Allowed: 15:00

Time Taken: 10:20


Word 2013 Basic

 Score: 55%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 11

Questions Incorrect: 9

Questions Unattempted: 2

Time Taken: 7:30

Time Allowed: 10:00


Excel 2013 Basic

Score: 50%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 10

Questions Unattempted: 5

Time Taken: 8:18

Time Allowed: 10:00


Intermediate Spelling

 Score: 70 %

Words Spelt Correctly: 7

Words Spelt Incorrectly: 3

Words Left Empty: 0

Time Taken: 3:53

Time Allowed: 5:00

Time Machines Do Not Work!

You go back in time and still you do the same shit over!!!

I have concluded you can't change the past, but you can change the future.

Having an effect on the present will cause the future to map out very different!

However you need to be aware of this effect otherwise you will miss the cause.

Hence the cause and effect scenario...

I was trying to change the events of Friday night, I went back in time only a few hours.

It was very bewildering at first, when I eventually found my footing I realised I was still doing the same shit over.

Friday night still turned out the same in the end not matter what I did. Time travel sucks.

Okay if I can't change the past lets try and change the future!

To do this I would need to alter the present, this cause will then effect the future.

Seems logical however its not an easy task.

Just started a cause just waiting on the effect......

Got some very defensive results, not sure how this is panning out.

I didn't foresee a counter attack, I should have stuck to feelings rather than quoting motivations.

Motivations will always provoke a counter attack, feelings alone will get more emotional returns.

I can't even get this future cause and effect thing to work either.

I am shit at time travel and when it comes to relationships, I nit got a clue!

There is no 'doubt' about my future, it is certainly full of nit!

Life moves In one direction and you can easily live in three different time dimensions in your head, this I do very regularly!

The past

The future

The present

If you live in the past, you’re stuck in “why” mode. That means you always think about why things happened. A recipe for unhappiness.

If you live in the future, you live in “what if” mode. That state of mind causes anxiety about everything that MIGHT happen in the future.

Again, that’s a recipe for living a timid doubtful life.

You also know that there’s only one ACTUAL time dimension; the present.

Why don’t we live in the present? There are millions of things that prevent us from living in real time.

One thing that might help you let go of the past and future is to understand this:

Life keeps moving forward  -  it doesn’t care what you think or do, or how long you spend in bed at the weekend, life goes on no matter what, so don't waste your time on stuff you can’t control, and so ends the doubt!

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