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Tag search results for: "terry webbs"
terrywebbs ADMIN
Whether your a seller or buyer, Amazon can be either the bane of your life or a great tool. From the perspective of a buyer it works almost flawlessly, you have the little annoyance of making an order up to £20 just to get the one item you really need, however after a little more searching you can usually find what you need without having to sacrifice too much money. I am not one for add-on sales and am almost drawn in to the frantic add-on buying attitude to get the one item i really wanted but I stop and ask myself why am I spendin... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
I have used Paypal for many years and I must admit it does have it's quirky annoyances, the search needs some improvements and navigation can be tiresome at times. However more and more online companies are now joining the revolution with the PayPal payment option.You can do so much more with this option - as a merchant they do charge you a fee but you can offset this against your product or service costs.Overall from a customer point of view it is the best option. Customers do not need to register or enter any information into a w... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Another nail in the coffin for eBay sellers with new updated selling policies out in August.  https://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/business/news/spring2017/links-policy What's changing From October 2017, you'll no longer be allowed to share contact information in your item descriptions, images or eBay Shops. This does not apply to Classified Ads. Your contact details will continue to be available to buyers; they will automatically display under Business details on the seller's profile page. We... more
terrywebbs Sep 12 '17, 06:35PM · Tags: ebay, terry webbs, disappointment, seller
terrywebbs ADMIN
+21 chances to Win! Don't forget to check each daily draw Join the UK's Free Lottery for free and be in with a chance to win £800+ a day, every day. Simply enter your email address and postcode to join. Just login in every day to see if you have won - it's that simple! Join the UK's Free Postcode Lottery for free
terrywebbs ADMIN
This could be good assessment of how well you know and practice the Five Stages of Dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement. Each stage is required to form a solid foundation in a relationship and, ideally, the stages should be completed in order.   Now, let's see where your relationship style puts you in the dating game …    Whether you’re officially dating or not even sure if what you’re doing is a date, it’s kind of strange that a series of s... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
  My personal 6 reasons why I choose to ditch the landline for a VOIP phone!   1. No line rental charges 2. Cheaper call charges 3. 30 day contract or pay as you go terms 4. FREE incoming calls 5. No setup charges 6. UK local number supplied FREE   You may all be thinking another SKYPE story, actually no! I was a little sceptical at first but after doing some research I found it was fairly easy and cheap to use any existing phone or mobile on the a VOIP service. There are many diffe... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Make new friends and message anyone.  FREE access of all the main features! Send and read messages for FREE! Your in control of your profile status We don't enforce profile completion if you wish you can upload silly photo
terrywebbs May 31 '17, 09:44PM · Tags: dating, free, friends, fun, terry webbs, silly, join
terrywebbs ADMIN
1. Never give your real or full name. Use a nickname for your own safety. You shouldn't have to give anything more than a very broad area of where you live. Keep contact details to the absolute minimum, no one really needs to know! 2. Profiles with pictures receive more contacts, find a recent photograph, everyone is attractive in their own unique way and there will be someone who will think that about you. 3. In the areas that ask you about stuff about yourself – be original. Try and compose something that will grab the inter... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
No Winks  Some dating sites have fancy features that allow you to amongst other things allow you to wink at other members. These sites may have paid membership too and winking is a way around paying for the membership, however a wink is as far it will get. Winking is ok if you follow it up with a message. At terrywebbs we do not have winks or other gimmicks, you can message anyone for free without the need for fancy wink features.   Don't be over Eager  There is nothing worse than being too eager. It can ... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Easter is much more than an egg thing!Including a very famous biblical figure.
terrywebbs Apr 16 '17, 12:55PM · Tags: terry webbs, easter, egg, chocolate
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