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Tag search results for: "mobile"
terrywebbs ADMIN
Android or Apple (Google or IOS)   I Like subjects like this as it really does separate the wheat from the chaff!!! This is my experiences with both Android and Apple (Google and IOS)   I started out with a Motorola V3 and enjoyed messing with the OS and tweaking the settings with software customisation. Then I bought my first Sony mobile and was overwhelmed by the choice Android offered and the possibilities of software customisation. However was sick to the back teeth of over 100 bloatware and unnecessary... more
terrywebbs Jul 27 '19, 11:43AM · Tags: android, apple, mobile, ios, bloatware
terrywebbs ADMIN
BATTERY SAVING TIPS FOR IPHONE  The three main areas are as follows: Use only 2G where possible Disable WIFI and Bluethooth Disable GPS and positioning  There are a few pages of extra tweaks you can apply by reading the article below: http://ipod.about.com/od/iphone3g/tp/iphone-battery-life.htm  With moderate usage you could get 5 days battery life!
terrywebbs Nov 20 '17, 07:47PM · Tags: iphone, battery saving, battery tips, mobile, tips
terrywebbs ADMIN
BATTERY SAVING TIPS FOR MOBILES MAINLY ANDROID  1) Add the power widget to desktop (already part of MOST software) with this you can enable or disable wifi, bluetooth, data transfer, screen brightness and gps. You will need to disable data traffic manually from Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Network mode, remember to re- enable when you need to use the internet when away from a wireless point.    2) Turn down screen brightness Go to Settings > Sound and display > Brightnes... more
terrywebbs Nov 20 '17, 07:39PM · Tags: battery saving, andoid, tips, data, wifi, mobile, battery

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