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Tag search results for: "emotion"
terrywebbs ADMIN
  Hangups! noun informal     An emotional problem or inhibition: people with hang-ups about their age.     1. Dating - the hangup about failing.  I tirelessly search the hidden depths of the internet for answers, never far from being amazed at the crap that page 10 always brings. Hangups, is just another example of a lame internet search gone wrong. The resulting book called 'Hangups and Hangovers' was revealed to me with a short witty anecdotal ... more
terrywebbs Dec 2 '17, 05:47PM · Tags: age, emotion, hangups, problem, inhibition, johnny bravo
terrywebbs ADMIN
Poetry Some literary work in which I try to express, feelings and ideas, so intensity by the use of my own distinctive style and mostly without any rhythm or reason. This collection will grow as time passes, please come back for updates. They are displayed in descending order as written, with all the most recent works to the top.   -----------------------------------   You stir a new world in me a world of memories, Lost in your ... more
terrywebbs Dec 1 '17, 02:03PM · Tags: emotion, feeling, poetry, poems, espression, complete, closer
terrywebbs ADMIN
Holding hands - what is the big deal? The way you hold hands could discloses the most intimate details of your relationship? Most of us express our emotions through body language... that list is endless! Couples that frequently hold hands tend to be less stressed because of the comfort it provides. It’s the best way of letting people know that you’re proud of the person you’re with. Some research revealed most Men would only hold hands with people they really care about, the study also revealed that holding hands makes... more

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