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Tag search results for: "computer"
terrywebbs ADMIN
Amid fears Microsoft could ditch yet another operating system and force another upgrade to the whole government infrastructure, at a cost that almost crippled the Job Centre Plus computer system back in 2006 with an upgrade from windows xp to windows 7. They were faced with hours of down time due to Microsoft stuck updates and incompetent Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE), which left thousands of Job Seekers and Job Centre Staff doing everything by hand for we... more
terrywebbs Aug 3 '19, 08:55AM · Tags: apple, computer, mac, potato, microsoft, job centre, msce
terrywebbs ADMIN
REPAIRING WINDOWS SYSTEM FILES  (The following works on xp, vista, win7, win8  untested on win10)  Windows system files are often replaced with non-healthy files when you install software or a virus/spyware takes hold. To fix these missing system files and repair system stability, click on START > Run and type this command and press enter    sfc /scannow (put one space between each of the commands) Make sure you have your Microsoft windows CD's to hand This procedure may take a while... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Right I am now going to shatter your preconceptions of the Mac   6 reasons to own a Mac my personal choice! I have been lucky enough to experience and use a wide variety of systems over the last 20+ years. The last 5 were spent testing out the Mac mini. One of my many personal projects was testing software on windows based machines, I was surprised at how much software I needed to install to just do some of my basic projects. Windows came with some half descent software but nothing to do some serious stuff like editin... more
terrywebbs Jun 30 '17, 01:20PM · Tags: mac, computer, windows, apple, mini, software, productivity

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