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Tag search results for: "android"
terrywebbs ADMIN
Android or Apple (Google or IOS)   I Like subjects like this as it really does separate the wheat from the chaff!!! This is my experiences with both Android and Apple (Google and IOS)   I started out with a Motorola V3 and enjoyed messing with the OS and tweaking the settings with software customisation. Then I bought my first Sony mobile and was overwhelmed by the choice Android offered and the possibilities of software customisation. However was sick to the back teeth of over 100 bloatware and unnecessary... more
terrywebbs Jul 27 '19, 11:43AM · Tags: android, apple, mobile, ios, bloatware
terrywebbs ADMIN
Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone: On the Android mobile goto contacts>settings and select export as a Vcard or CSVOpen your email app on Android and attach the file you exported and send it to your new iPhone email account. Once you open the email on the iPhone you will be prompted if you want to add the contactssimply select YES and your sorted To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:Using a computer sync/backup and then export the contacts as a Vcard
terrywebbs Nov 16 '17, 08:24PM · Tags: transfer contacts, contacts, iphone, android
terrywebbs ADMIN
No subscriptions, no nonsense! Perfect for all your entertainment needs   Great device at a fantastic price. What ever your into, whether it be films, tv series or sport, this little gem will have something for you. Being an avid fan of Android and a developer of such software for various mobile devices over the years this was a no brainer purchase. It has all the geeky menus you expect from Android with the added benefit to install any app you like from the store. Just like a tablet but this plugs into your TV. To top... more

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