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Internet and security - using secure passwords! from terrywebbs's blog



The internet and security around using secure passwords!

So what's the hype? 


Never tell anyone your password and never write it down, always use a different password for each website, and always use a strong password!

Totally impossible to actually do... My computer recently told me I had too many websites with the password used as login credentials, however on further investigation I realised that all the websites had a very different email login/username very unique to each website. So altho the warning was positive it was a false/positive, it wasn't looking at the login credentials as a whole, only the password part, so very misleading.

Hence why I wasn't bothered when Yahoo announced yet another data breach, as the useername was never used on any other site so was rendered useless in anybodies hands even with the password it wouldn't gain them access to anything other than yahoo and let's face it there isn't much damage anyone can do with Yahoo, not on my account anyhoo.


1. How can you ever remember a password that must fit the criteria minimum of 8 characters long, needs to contain at least one number and a special character, and have an uppercase letter, further more must not contain any personal in formation or be a name or dictionary word!
2. Then how can you remember more than one password with all of the above, without writing it down or keeping a log.

Simples use the same password for every website and just have a different email login instead, that way if any information gets stolen all they have is a unique email that can only be used on that website. Your password isn't the only security measure you can make in keeping yourself safe on the internet, having a very unique email login is also very useful

Or use a password app, however they aren't always free, so simply just create a file with all your login credentials and password protect it and then make it hidden!

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