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Aptitude Test Practice from terrywebbs's blog

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Aptitude Test Practice!


I wasn't practising  when I did mine, so why are they called Aptitude Test Practice?

Probably out of practice with my English? Probably out of tune with the current Job Seeking Terms too! I recently had to take an Aptitude Test, not for a job but to get onto the books at an employment agency.


I only did it to prove a point, the point that is we do not need employment agents and are quite able to find a job without such.The amusing thing about these tests is that it will work for about 90 percent of people, for the other 10 percent it will fail. I fall into that 10 percent, I am not saying this due to the actual fact I failed quite miserably, far from it. I failed as I am that 10 percent of people that you can't put into a box and label.

My result clearly show that I have no idea how excel or word works, yet I am a qualified computer hardware and software engineer. The only draw back to these tests's is they only show your ability to remember where stuff is, not whether or not you can use the software. I can use all office software perfectly well and some, yet ask me where the hyphenation tool is and I will stumble.

Please find below my assessment results: 



Score: 69%

Questions Asked: 13

Questions Correct: 9

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 3

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00



 Score: 32%

Questions Asked: 31

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 20

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Alpha-Numeric (on Screen)

Quality: 93 %

Productivity: 4272 KDPH

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Aptitude - Fill In The Blanks

Score: 61 %

Questions Asked: 36

Questions Correct: 22

Questions Incorrect: 14

Questions Unattempted: 0

Time Allowed: 15:00

Time Taken: 10:20


Word 2013 Basic

 Score: 55%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 11

Questions Incorrect: 9

Questions Unattempted: 2

Time Taken: 7:30

Time Allowed: 10:00


Excel 2013 Basic

Score: 50%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 10

Questions Unattempted: 5

Time Taken: 8:18

Time Allowed: 10:00


Intermediate Spelling

 Score: 70 %

Words Spelt Correctly: 7

Words Spelt Incorrectly: 3

Words Left Empty: 0

Time Taken: 3:53

Time Allowed: 5:00

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