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Aptitude Test Practice! 

I wasn't practising  when I did mine, so why are they called Aptitude Test Practice? 

Probably out of practice with my English? Probably out of tune with the current Job Seeking Terms too!

I recently had to take an Aptitude Test, not for a job but to get onto the books at an employment agency.

I only did it to prove a point, the point that is we do not need employment agents and are quite able to find a job without such.

The amusing thing about these tests is that it will work for about 90 percent of people, for the other 10 percent it will fail.

I fall into that 10 percent, I am not saying this due to the actual fact I failed quite miserably, far from it.

I failed as I am that 10 percent of people that you can't put into a box and label.

My results show I have very little knowledge of excel and word, yet I am a qualified by experience hardware/software engineer.

My only drawback to these tests is they merely show my recall ability of where stuff is, not whether or not I can actually use the software.

If you were to ask me to explain where the hyphenation tool is I will stumble, however ask me to show you and I would be right there. 

Please find below my assessment results: 

Literacy - Score: 69%

Questions Asked: 13

Questions Correct: 9

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 3

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Numeracy - Score: 32%

Questions Asked: 31

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 20

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Alpha-Numeric (on Screen) - Quality: 93 %

Productivity: 4272 KDPH

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00


Aptitude - Fill In The Blanks -Score: 61 %

Questions Asked: 36

Questions Correct: 22

Questions Incorrect: 14

Questions Unattempted: 0

Time Allowed: 15:00

Time Taken: 10:20


Word 2013 Basic -  Score: 55%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 11

Questions Incorrect: 9

Questions Unattempted: 2

Time Taken: 7:30

Time Allowed: 10:00


Excel 2013 Basic - Score: 50%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 10

Questions Unattempted: 5

Time Taken: 8:18

Time Allowed: 10:00


Intermediate Spelling - Score: 70 %

Words Spelt Correctly: 7

Words Spelt Incorrectly: 3

Words Left Empty: 0

Time Taken: 3:53

Time Allowed: 5:00


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