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Poetry from terrywebbs's blog


Some literary work in which I try to express, feelings and ideas, so intensity by the use of my own distinctive style and mostly without any rhythm or reason. This collection will grow as time passes, please come back for updates. They are displayed in descending order as written, with all the most recent works to the top.




You stir a new world in me a world of memories,

Lost in your soul are moments lost in your eyes,

Moments that will be with us for a life time.


There is plenty of life left for us to shine,

And when the time is right, we will shine,

And the whole world will know about it.


The waiting is slow, but our love is strong,

Some days dragging like a dead cat,

The future is ahead and we are riding the wave.




The eerily silence broken but by a creak,

Then quiet again until the next,

Turning hoping for a glimmer,

Of your face in the dim light.

Still as the night is your presence is felt,

If only that of a heart beat away,

I love you.




Try try as they mighty as they tried,

Restless in their own thoughts ,

For sleep that would not come.


Never doubt who will hold your hand,

For mine is always firmly in yours,

Fingers entwined, closer.



Now we are complete.




You give me hope,

You give me meaning,

You give me routine,

You make me whole,

You give me feeling,

You looked into my soul,

As I looked into yours.


I am me because of you,

and because of you,


I can go on being!




Not come as a shock,

Seen from a distance,

Like a gurt cloud,

Building and swirling,

Now there is a strange space,

Not sure what this is.


If this was a dream,

I would wake up and sigh,

If this was real life,

I would break down and cry,

If this was a fantasy,

I would ask why,

If this was make believe,

The end is nigh.


Is this love,

Is this fantasy,

Is this make believe,

Is this real life,

Or just a dream!




A weekend away

A trip to an island

Half a catsuit

A walk across a bridge

Some inn food and chat


Intimate contacts and some

A proposal 


A walk on a quiet beach trail

A walk with noisy traffic

A drink, food and chat

Some contact

A moment of anxiety, a bite

Just a vampire thing


Another night without sleep for one

Awkward moments

Are we done?


Crash bang!


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