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Labels identify things...Labels do not define who we are!

Nerd, gay, looser, stoner, stupid, emo, loner... From the moment we start to care about what others think we automatically categorise ourselves a certain way. We immediately start to lose our self esteem because we compare ourselves to those who appear superior. In those moments, we start to lose who we are because we mask our true identities. We have to remember that those labels do not define us. We are so much more than what society perceives us to be. 


From your school days into college, in everyday life and even in the workplace you can soon learn to care too much about the opinion of others. You can easily began to lose true friends because you may became more concerned about fitting in with the "popular" crowd. 


If people perceive you a bit of a "nerd," they assume you are strange for caring about education. During these moments, you could either try to prove to your peers to be wrong and stick to your convictions and continue pursuing education. Although you may have some struggles on the way, your decision will be the best you made. Thirst for education can only help your success and open up more opportunities.


In these moments we can either let our labels make or break us. We can learn and grow through these experiences if we look at the bigger picture.


In all honesty, if you do not know who you truly are then no big deal, other peoples opinions don't really matter when it comes to labels because we are who we are.


People often think that being reserved and shy harms society, others beg to differ. Being quiet does not mean that a person does not have anything to say. It can mean so much more. Some may enjoy the opportunity to listen to others. Others may not have an opinion on the topic at hand. Whatever the case may be, labels do not define us. We are all different in our own unique ways. Society is afraid of change and accept different people. Because of this, we ultimately harm ourselves because we struggle to mask our true identities. Instead, we look for an escape route in order to please others. Along the way we end up harming ourselves. Therefore, we are all human and we need to accept others for their beautiful selves. 

My advice is to be imperfectly you.

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