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No Winks – Some dating sites have fancy features that allow you to amongst other things allow you to ‘wink’ at other members. These sites may have paid membership too and winking is a way around paying for the membership, however a wink is as far it will get. Winking is ok if you follow it up with a message. At terrywebbs we do not have winks or other gimmicks, you can message anyone for free without the need for fancy wink features.

Don't be over Eager – There is nothing worse than being too eager. It can be rather flattering at first but it can al get very weird soon, so if you think you may be over-eager be honest with yourself, calm the fuck down and take it slow!

Don't Lie – When you’re writing your profile or a message be yourself, it is so easy to be someone else online, avoid the temptation to be an internet superdater. Remember those little lies all add up and can make you a completely different person.

Don't Ask For Personal Stuff – It’s ok to ask questions to get to know someone but asking for personal info when you hardly know each other can come across as weird. At terrywebbs we discourage you from exchanging personal data, you never really know who is reading it, don't get drawn into a scam. 

No Old Photos – You may have looked hot when you were younger, however you are not younger anymore, so a current picture is best and one that shows you and is in focus. At terrywebbs we you not need a photo to join, however you can use any photo you like, it can even be a photo of your favourite vegetable as long as it is not pornographic. 

No Boring Messages/Chat – You might have this really cool hobby collecting stuff however potential dates might not think the same. Always read your message back, is it boring? Does it go on and on? Is it interesting? At terrywebbs we encourage all members to keep asking questions about each other, get to know each other, small talk is okay but if you are here for some serious relationship building you need to talk and be open. 


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