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Civil servant computers replaced by Mac's from terrywebbs's blog


Amid fears Microsoft could ditch yet another operating system and force another upgrade to the whole government infrastructure, at a cost that almost crippled the Job Centre Plus computer system back in 2006 with an upgrade from windows xp to windows 7. They were faced with hours of down time due to Microsoft stuck updates and incompetent Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE), which left thousands of Job Seekers and Job Centre Staff doing everything by hand for weeks.

Civil servants could now face a fast tracked training course as the whole government systems could be replaced with Apple Mac's at a fraction of the spiralling ongoing costs of keeping the now windows based systems.

As spokes person for the head of IT was quoted in saying "Amid fears of further down time and spiralling costs, the windows based system wasn't an option, a more reliable system is being sourced and Apple is in the forefront, although costly in the short term, overall savings for the tax paying are much more favourable. Mac's operating system software upgrades without the need for further purchases unlike that of windows that requires the purchase of new operating systems every 3 years, Mac's are more reliable both in software and hardware, furthermore productivity and usability on a Mac system has been scientifically proven to be much more beneficial, this undoubtably is a better all round option for the long term investment. Let us not forget there are more virus' written for a windows based system when you can count on one hand that for a Mac"

Other systems such as the Linux based Ubuntu software was mentioned, however that never runs on similar hardware to windows.


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