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User blogs

terrywebbs ADMIN
Battlefield 4 (PS4) game review Still the best all time game ever, massive multiplayer maps, single player is okay. Multiplayer just blows you away, more players per map than on the xbox. Better maps, more destructive objects, all vehicles available to drive. Earn rewards for playing the game in multiplayer and rank up quicker, earn better guns and attachments, or just kill kill kill, what ever your skill. So many different game modes available, Conquest: the definitive Battlefield mode that take place across land air and sea.... more
terrywebbs Nov 19 '17, 10:34PM · Tags: sony playstation, dice, ps4, ea games, battlefield 4
terrywebbs ADMIN
Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone: On the Android mobile goto contacts>settings and select export as a Vcard or CSVOpen your email app on Android and attach the file you exported and send it to your new iPhone email account. Once you open the email on the iPhone you will be prompted if you want to add the contactssimply select YES and your sorted To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:Using a computer sync/backup and then export the contacts as a Vcard
terrywebbs Nov 16 '17, 08:24PM · Tags: transfer contacts, contacts, iphone, android
terrywebbs ADMIN
PLAY ANY PC GAME WITH A GAMEPAD  (The following works on xp, vista, win7, win8 - untested on win10) You have played the game on the Xbox, playstation, you have the game for the PC, however, the gamepad will not emulate the mouse/keyboard keystrokes or worse still gamepad support is not available!? Xpadder is HERE, it simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad    What does Xpadder let you do? - Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support - Add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS game... more
terrywebbs Nov 15 '17, 01:28PM · Tags: gamepad, controller on the pc, pc gamer, xpadder
terrywebbs ADMIN
    Fantastic product, easy to use - great pictures with any lens  This camera just blows me away every time I pick it up It is a no brainer to choose anything else, this camera packs all the features you need to start taking great pictures either as a beginner or a pro The only real choice you will need to make is which lens to use! For me there is only one lens you ever need on a great camera like this and that is the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens It's so sharp it easily can excite aliase... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
No subscriptions, no nonsense! Perfect for all your entertainment needs   Great device at a fantastic price. What ever your into, whether it be films, tv series or sport, this little gem will have something for you. Being an avid fan of Android and a developer of such software for various mobile devices over the years this was a no brainer purchase. It has all the geeky menus you expect from Android with the added benefit to install any app you like from the store. Just like a tablet but this plugs into your TV. To top... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Best of everything else in one game Best game this year by far, everything you want out of a game and more... FarCry, GTA, Battlefield with a bit of Rainbow six Siege and Battlegrounds thrown in as seasoning! One huge expanse to explore either alone or with team mates (some may find the gameplay repetitive) Better gaming experience online with others as you get some of the missions completed quicker. You get to drive and fly all the vehicles and can go anywhere without fear of walking out of game play If you explore eno... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
What you are about to read is a copy of a random message post I found on a blog internet site. Followed by my own take on what it actually means...   Please note I have obfuscated the contact email for obvious reasons.   "I don't normally post on the internet but I promised to spread word about a great hacker I met online here. I finally got FULL access to my wife's phone in less than 2days and she doesn't even have a clue. If you need to confirm your partner's sincerity, employee&... more
terrywebbs Oct 1 '17, 12:20PM · Tags: fun, hacker, life hack, life hacks, silliness, humour
terrywebbs ADMIN
Whether your a seller or buyer, Amazon can be either the bane of your life or a great tool. From the perspective of a buyer it works almost flawlessly, you have the little annoyance of making an order up to £20 just to get the one item you really need, however after a little more searching you can usually find what you need without having to sacrifice too much money. I am not one for add-on sales and am almost drawn in to the frantic add-on buying attitude to get the one item i really wanted but I stop and ask myself why am I spendin... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
I have used Paypal for many years and I must admit it does have it's quirky annoyances, the search needs some improvements and navigation can be tiresome at times. However more and more online companies are now joining the revolution with the PayPal payment option.You can do so much more with this option - as a merchant they do charge you a fee but you can offset this against your product or service costs.Overall from a customer point of view it is the best option. Customers do not need to register or enter any information into a w... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
Another nail in the coffin for eBay sellers with new updated selling policies out in August.  https://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/business/news/spring2017/links-policy What's changing From October 2017, you'll no longer be allowed to share contact information in your item descriptions, images or eBay Shops. This does not apply to Classified Ads. Your contact details will continue to be available to buyers; they will automatically display under Business details on the seller's profile page. We... more
terrywebbs Sep 12 '17, 06:35PM · Tags: ebay, terry webbs, disappointment, seller
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