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User blogs

terrywebbs ADMIN
Welcoming the new year in with a new digital dab radio alarm clock  
terrywebbs Jan 1, 12:34AM · Tags: new year, 2020, digital, dab, radio
terrywebbs ADMIN
Conventional Card Christmas cards made out of old stamp booklets - stamps removed!   ...is it cold or is it just me?    ..........................Squirrel!
terrywebbs Dec 13 '19, 09:30PM · Tags: christmas, humbug, bah
terrywebbs ADMIN
When is a doughnut not a donut? When it's a Square one!  
terrywebbs Oct 28 '19, 07:42PM
terrywebbs ADMIN
Shock Horror ? Sex Face ?
terrywebbs Oct 28 '19, 07:40PM
terrywebbs ADMIN
In other words: Do It Yourself Bondage Kit Out of touch with your partner? Want to try something new and exciting? If you are looking to spice up your sex life, then get ready for some harmless fun with some rope, a blindfold and a dual dog lead. Stuff obtained from any DIY store, next time you're browsing the aisles have your bedroom head on, seriously! You will be presently surprised at what everyday stuff can be used for. I must admit I have a little fetish with kitchen utensils ... more
terrywebbs Sep 29 '19, 05:46PM · Tags: romance, diy, erotic, rope, bondage, blindfold, dog lead
terrywebbs ADMIN
You gotta love this... enough said!
terrywebbs Sep 28 '19, 01:24PM
terrywebbs ADMIN
Amid fears Microsoft could ditch yet another operating system and force another upgrade to the whole government infrastructure, at a cost that almost crippled the Job Centre Plus computer system back in 2006 with an upgrade from windows xp to windows 7. They were faced with hours of down time due to Microsoft stuck updates and incompetent Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE), which left thousands of Job Seekers and Job Centre Staff doing everything by hand for we... more
terrywebbs Aug 3 '19, 08:55AM · Tags: apple, computer, mac, potato, microsoft, job centre, msce
terrywebbs ADMIN
Android or Apple (Google or IOS)   I Like subjects like this as it really does separate the wheat from the chaff!!! This is my experiences with both Android and Apple (Google and IOS)   I started out with a Motorola V3 and enjoyed messing with the OS and tweaking the settings with software customisation. Then I bought my first Sony mobile and was overwhelmed by the choice Android offered and the possibilities of software customisation. However was sick to the back teeth of over 100 bloatware and unnecessary... more
terrywebbs Jul 27 '19, 11:43AM · Tags: android, apple, mobile, ios, bloatware
terrywebbs ADMIN
The Wildlife Park - Animal Sanctuary The New Forest Wildlife Park is located on the edge of The New Forest, Hampshire. The Park specialises in native and past-native wildlife of Britain and otters and owls from around the globe, housing four species of the former and ten of the latter. The Park is recognised as the UK's leading institution in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild otters, along with the rehabilitation of other wildlife such as owls, deer and foxes, and it is involved in several conser... more
terrywebbs ADMIN
  The internet and security around using secure passwords! So what's the hype?    Never tell anyone your password and never write it down, always use a different password for each website, and always use a strong password! Totally impossible to actually do... My computer recently told me I had too many websites with the password used as login credentials, however on further investigation I realised that all the websites had a very different email login/username very unique to ea... more
terrywebbs Mar 7 '19, 01:31PM · Tags: security, passwords, cyber, hacking, safe, secure, username
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