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Aptitude Test Practice!

I wasn't practising  when I did mine, so why are they called Aptitude Test Practice?

Probably out of practice with my English? Probably out of tune with the current Job Seeking Terms too!

I recently had to take an Aptitude Test, not for a job but to get onto the books at an employment agency.

I only did it to prove a point, the point that is we do not need employment agents and are quite able to find a job without such.

The amusing thing about these tests is that it will work for about 90 percent of people, for the other 10 percent it will fail.

I fall into that 10 percent, I am not saying this due to the actual fact I failed quite miserably, far from it.

I failed as I am that 10 percent of people that you can't put into a box and label.

My result clearly show that I have no idea how excel or word works, yet I am a qualified computer hardware and software engineer.

The only draw back to these tests's is they only show your ability to remember where stuff is, not whether or not you can use the software.

I can use all office software perfectly well and some, yet ask me where the hyphenation tool is and I will stumble.

This only means I have poor congestive recall skills nothing more!

Please find below your assessment results: 


 Score: 69%

Questions Asked: 13

Questions Correct: 9

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 3

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00

Detailed Information


 Score: 32%

Questions Asked: 31

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 1

Questions Unattempted: 20

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00

Detailed Information

Alpha-Numeric (on Screen)

Quality: 93 %

Productivity: 4272 KDPH

Time Taken: 5:00

Time Allowed: 5:00

Detailed Information

Aptitude - Fill In The Blanks

Score: 61 %

Questions Asked: 36

Questions Correct: 22

Questions Incorrect: 14

Questions Unattempted: 0

Time Allowed: 15:00

Time Taken: 10:20

Detailed Information

Word 2013 Basic

 Score: 55%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 11

Questions Incorrect: 9

Questions Unattempted: 2

Time Taken: 7:30

Time Allowed: 10:00

Detailed Information

Excel 2013 Basic

Score: 50%

Questions Asked: 20

Questions Correct: 10

Questions Incorrect: 10

Questions Unattempted: 5

Time Taken: 8:18

Time Allowed: 10:00

Detailed Information

Intermediate Spelling

 Score: 70 %

Words Spelt Correctly: 7

Words Spelt Incorrectly: 3

Words Left Empty: 0

Time Taken: 3:53

Time Allowed: 5:00

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Time Machines Do Not Work!

You go back in time and still you do the same shit over!!!

I have concluded you can't change the past, but you can change the future.

Having an effect on the present will cause the future to map out very different!

However you need to be aware of this effect otherwise you will miss the cause.

Hence the cause and effect scenario...

I was trying to change the events of Friday night, I went back in time only a few hours.

It was very bewildering at first, when I eventually found my footing I realised I was still doing the same shit over.

Friday night still turned out the same in the end not matter what I did. Time travel sucks.

Okay if I can't change the past lets try and change the future!

To do this I would need to alter the present, this cause will then effect the future.

Seems logical however its not an easy task.

Just started a cause just waiting on the effect......

Got some very defensive results, not sure how this is panning out.

I didn't foresee a counter attack, I should have stuck to feelings rather than quoting motivations.

Motivations will always provoke a counter attack, feelings alone will get more emotional returns.

I can't even get this future cause and effect thing to work either.

I am shit at time travel and when it comes to relationships, I nit got a clue!

There is no 'doubt' about my future, it is certainly full of nit!

Life moves In one direction and you can easily live in three different time dimensions in your head, this I do very regularly!

The past

The future

The present

If you live in the past, you’re stuck in “why” mode. That means you always think about why things happened. A recipe for unhappiness.

If you live in the future, you live in “what if” mode. That state of mind causes anxiety about everything that MIGHT happen in the future.

Again, that’s a recipe for living a timid doubtful life.

You also know that there’s only one ACTUAL time dimension; the present.

Why don’t we live in the present? There are millions of things that prevent us from living in real time.

One thing that might help you let go of the past and future is to understand this:

Life keeps moving forward  -  it doesn’t care what you think or do, or how long you spend in bed at the weekend, life goes on no matter what, so don't waste your time on stuff you can’t control, and so ends the doubt!

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_./'\._ ..¸...•¤**¤•..¸..•¤**¤•.._./'\._
*•. .•* Happy New Year 2018 *•. .•*
/.•*•.\¸...•¤**¤•.., ..•¤**¤•..../.•*•.\

Make a wish, but don't wish outside the box!

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I don't want to get too obsessive with scifi or anything glimmering on Slartibartfast so have resorted to some simple artwork without any signs of the red pen, below are some slightly interesting choice pieces of original art composed way back when in 1985. All drawn by hand!

Surely some mistake! Please don't call me Shirley!

Freaking freaky stuff, just don't get it wet!!!

Magic, illusion or mushroom?

Simple closed circuit, enough said.

Lets face it, smoking is bad for you!

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Merry Christmas

I'll protect you from the hooded claw,

Keep the vampires and werewolves from your door,

May your dreams be without fright and your pictures hang true.

Special times like these are best spent snuggled up!

Last minute festive season buying


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Can you name the location?

Free to enter and you can enter more than once!

The first ten people to get the right answer will each win free VIP Membership access to our dating website for a year!

Terms and conditions apply


How to enter:

1. Join our site, login and goto the forum

2. Look for the competition #008 post under chit chit

3. Reply to the post with your answer

4. There are ten VIP membership's to be won and are valid for one year

5. After such time the VIP membership will automatically revert back to our free membership option

6. You are under no obligation to continue the VIP membership and will not be billed

7. The site admins decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

8. Closing date for the competition will be after an undisclosed number of entries have been made

9. Completely Free to enter

10. You must be eighteen (18) or over to join and enter this competition


#competition #dating #fun #free #giveaway

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Meaning of Dreams 

The meaning of your dreams what ever you interpret them to be, and you can use this interpretation to tell what you are afraid of and what you truly desire. Below are some of the most common dreams and their meanings, you may have your own opinions and that's okay. However some opinions don't stand for much especially when you find yourself up before a judge on drink driving charges explaining in your defence that dreams and sleep walking had something to do with it.

Water related dreams usually have an an underlying meaning, one that you need to pee. Water in dreams can be fascinating and you can never get enough of them especially when mountains or landscapes are involved, beautiful. Beware of mountains, this could be a sign that you are trying to overcome some difficulty in your life. 

Vehicles tend to be annoying, they are just a distraction and you never seem to get anywhere, you are out of control and need guidance. Seeing large arrows or signs in your dream is a good way to get back on track.

Being trapped is an odd one, you should never feel trapped as you always have the ability to fly.

Teeth falling out, now this is has nothing to do with power or feeling repressed or controlled. It is more to do with those visits to the dentist and having braces fitted, it can take up to 20 years to stop dreaming about your bloody teeth falling out.

Babies thankfully is not very common, if you have a desire to grow your family or want anymore babies, these will occupy your dreams for sure.

Animals can usually be linked to survival or the instinct to keep going. This is so true when you are being chased by dogs that are bitting at your ankles.

Being chased almost always means you are just feeling in danger or under pressure. Yes sure when you are being pursued by angry snarling dogs or werewolves.

Death means you are not dead, but someone else is, do not worry you will not wake up dead, do not pass go and do not collect £200, sorry no that's monopoly.

Exams apparently are a common dream, simple stop stressing about passing or failing and the dreams will stop.

Clothing in a dream is something you may loose a lot of, If you are forever loosing your clothes then you may be feeling embarrassed, similar to being naked in public.

Being naked in public is a very common dream, and shows fear of being embarrassed or ridiculed, we all know this feeling. 

Food is all about knowledge and feeding your brain. It could also just mean you are hungry, this also depends how important food is to you.

Demons and monsters tend to mean you are looking to change aspects of yourself. This one could just simply mean you have been watching too many horror movies.

Buildings and houses symbolises your brain and how you think. Each individual room means a different part of you, your memories, and your emotions. The bedroom will appear more frequently to those people with high sex drives or those who are constantly horny.

Killing people in your dream is very common and means that you want to kill someone or kill that part of YOURSELF that the dream character REPRESENTS. Not to be confused with dreaming about dead people.

Money in a dream is all about your self worth and how much you think you are worth as a person. If you never see money in you dreams you probably do not have much self worth!

Sex tends to mean you have a DESIRE for more or better sex. It could just mean you are more in tune with your body, or you had a handful of peanuts before going to bed.

Falling (not to be confused with failing) in a dream means you are trying to let go of something. It could also mean that no matter how hard you try, you keep failing, and you just need to let it go, let it go, let it go.

Meeting someone famous, usually means you really like them as a person, that's it!

Being cheated, usually means you are not confident in yourself, or you are actually being cheated on in real life and you just don't see it yet.

Being late or lost symbolises your lack of faith in your timekeeping abilities and also a lack of faith in your own ability to get things done, or you are just a very poor time keeper.

Car crash dreams are common and usually mean you are in a conflict with someone close and it needs resolving. Put on your seat belt this ride is going to get bumpy.

Being pregnant can simply mean you ARE pregnant, if you are a man having this dream, this one will seem very odd indeed, maybe your partner is pregnant!

Finding an empty room in a dream can mean you are searching for something that you just can’t seem to find, and until you find this something, you will continue searching.

Walking or running in place is about your lack of power or strength. Running in place means you are trying as hard as you can to move forward in life but something or someone is holding you back, this usual manifests itself into a dream.

A film is often a day residue and means you’ve been thinking about or watching the film a lot. This meaning is similar to that of dreaming about Demons and monsters.

Paralysis dreams often cause the dreamer to become panicked and stressed when they wake. The meaning is similar to death; you are not Paralysed, do not worry you will not wake up Paralysed.

Snakes can have good and bad meanings, but mostly they depend on the colour. This is a complex dream meaning, you are probably just scared of snakes in general.

Spiders often mean you feel like you are not in control, and you are being excluded by someone or a group of people from something they are doing. It is also common to dream about spiders if you are afraid of them, very similar in meaning to snakes.

Needing to find a toilet symbolises your need to express yourself and meet your own personal needs. If you dream about searching frantically for a toilet and then finding one clogged up, it means you feel like no one is listening to you. Very similar in meaning to water; one that you need to pee.

Flying is a classic dream symbol and usually means you are happy, high, uplifted and motivated. This is a good one to use when if you ever get the feeling of being trapped.

Fire can be a symbol of freedom and passion. If you dream about being ON fire, it could mean the heating is slightly too high.

Books symbolise the desire for knowledge. Books are thought to represent wisdom, power, knowledge and information. It is always good to read, never be too far away from a good book!

Dogs, see Animals and Being Chased.

Work, this is by far the worst dream to have not because it signifies contentment in your current position or role, however inevitably you are going to wake up and have to do it all over again for real. This is no similarity to quitting your job, altho some aspects could be connected they are not.

Crying a lot can mean that you are holding back your emotions in life and it’s your minds way of getting them out and expressing them. Not linked to water in anyway!

Seeing a dead relative usually means the dreamer feels some sort of guilt about their dying. Similar in meaning to death; you are not dead, but someone else is, do not worry you will not wake up dead.

Ex lover almost always means you miss being in a RELATIONSHIP with someone, and not the actual person, except when it doesn’t.

Hiding from something if it’s YOU that’s hiding, means you are scared of change. If you are hiding an OBJECT, it can mean you are worried about someone taking away something you have. Can also mean you are hiding an affair and are cheating on someone, not similar to being cheated.

Intruders in your home can mean you are feeling like something is NEW in your life and it’s not a good fit. Maybe it’s a new job, or there are actually intruders in your home.

Jumping really high can lead to flying dreams, and means you’d like to escape your current circumstances and be free. Beware jumping really high can also lead to falling.

Horses symbolise speed and freedom and if you are dreaming about being ON a horse and riding it away, it might mean you want more freedom in your life. If you are afraid or scared of horses in real life then this is has the complete opposite meaning.

Kissing someone you know means you might have hidden feelings for them, or that you need to show them your feelings. If this person is your lover/partner then maybe you need to show them more affection, this could be a sign you are not showing them enough love.

Being taken means you are worried about being taken, or you are loosing in a terrible make believe game of dungeons and dragons.

Missing a flight, train or bus symbolises your need to be organised and if you are always missing these things in your dreams it means you secretly think you are always running late and need to be more organised.

Being in prison in a dream represents your fear of being held back or being STOPPED from doing what you want to do. GO TO JAIL, do not pass go and do not collect £200, this is monopoly.

Quitting your job is one of the more literal dream symbols and just means you are ready to move on and find something new, or you have just quit your job and are now shitting yourself. Don't be surprised if you now start to dream more frequently about needing to find a toilet!

Being the Queen or King in your dream is a symbol of power and authority and can mean you want more responsibility, bullshit, your just a power mad control freak seeking some sadistic authority over others.

Rollercoasters are typically associated with risk and a journey and so could mean you are ready to embark on a risky journey like quitting your job and following a passion. Similar in meaning to quitting your job: you should be shitting yourself, you may need to see needing to find a toilet!

Tattoos mean different things depending on what is tattooed. Generally people get something tattooed on them when the THING means a lot to them. Dreaming about such things is just sadistic, maybe you should try dreaming about being a queen or king instead!

UFO or aliens if you are dreaming about being TAKEN by the aliens, can mean you are scared of losing your home but if you are just dreaming about aliens talking to you, it can simply mean you are watching too many reruns of some scifi show.

Mountains or Landscapes can be beautiful, however beware of mountains in your dreams, this could be a sign that you are trying to overcome some difficulty in your life. 

Vampires are associated with wild sex so if that has been on you mind recently then maybe it links in with those feelings. Vampires are also linked to people who are emotionally intense, with obsessive desires and a tendency to be introverted, bored, paranoid or drained. If you are trying to escape a vampire in your dream flying wont help you here, vampires can also fly, you may start feeling that of being trapped, or feel the onset of paralysis.

Werewolves are also sexual symbols, they often link to wild sexual activity and arousal. These animals will manifest in dreams when you have been fantasising and wishing to escape a rather boring life. If you are being pursued by werewolves, flying can be a means of escape. If you are attacked by werewolves then this represents your insecurities and shyness, you are probably afraid to unleash all of your thoughts or emotions for fear of how others may react, It's time to live your live for you and not for others.

Creativity and Eureka moments, dreams can be a time of great creativity where ideas flow, not everyone will experience these, however if you are one of the lucky few that do, always have a notepad and pen handy at the bedside. As for the meaning well you are just a creative type expressing yourself.

Don't going loosing any sleep over these, they are just harmless fun! 


Personal observations with a lot of dream searching 

Check the links below to buy yourself a dream dictionary



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Hangups! noun informal  


An emotional problem or inhibition: people with hang-ups about their age.  


1. Dating - the hangup about failing. 

I tirelessly search the hidden depths of the internet for answers, never far from being amazed at the crap that page 10 always brings. Hangups, is just another example of a lame internet search gone wrong. The resulting book called 'Hangups and Hangovers' was revealed to me with a short witty anecdotal passage, it tells the story of a writer in his 20's failing miserably at dating, and now sharing his misfortune in a sort of biographical snippet of his dating journey with humour and advice along the way. Okay I was a little intrigued, it sorta fit into the post genre I wanted to write about and I am recovering from a hangover so that was apt. I followed the links and found myself knee deep in poop. This chap had now gone from failing dating to failing bodybuilder, no idea how you link the two together, I can only imagine in his quest to discover why he was failing at dating he sort of stumbled into an eating disorder and then started weightlifting, I don't want to speculate too much, but I will, that's a few hangups right there. It wasn't until I got to the part about ripping and tearing (bodybuilders will know what this term means) when I decided enough was enough, this isn't the story I envisaged. Don't just take my word for it, the book is probably a real good read, but building muscle to attractive women is not my thing! To all those Johnny Bravo lookalikes out there; good look in your quest in finding that perfect body to match yours. Another hangup right there!


2. Fire - the hangup about burning stuff.

Even what might seem the most perfect of life styles can have its challenges. Sudden obstacles or setbacks can rattle your self-confidence and make you self critical and insecure about even simple everyday decisions. There is a lot of research out there that makes claim that all our hangups point back to a time in our childhood, that's every little thing you ever worry about or have a fear of, can be traced back to a certain point when you were a child. The research is that accurate they can even draw up synopsis surrounding any childhood event and give advise on how to overcome future possible hangups. A childhood event doesn't necessarily need to be traumatic, but lets be sadistic here, they mainly do! I recall a time when my brother and I found some matches and we then systematically set fire to all the toys in the outside shed, even the big red toy car didn't get of see much day light after that. It was funny seeing mum and dad running back and forth with buckets of water, in those days hose pipes were far too expensive. Some other kids that day set fire to a bank, the woodland kind not money. I have never played with fire since, not so sure about my brother!


3. Fear - the hangup about the unknown.

Ever peered through the letter box or took a peak around the curtain to see who was at the front door, rather than just answering the bloody door?

No, well I do! I never put myself into situations that involve stuff I am unfamiliar with, or places I haven't been before, for the shear fear of the unknown might happen! I am always thinking about worst case scenarios way in advance of any meetings, journey, the big food shop (I am okay with the small food shop) telephone calls, the simple act of going out isn't without its issues. I run through all possible outcomes and once that has been achieved even then I get to the front door and stop, have a little think, did I miss anything? Even when I am out and the whole going out thing is almost over, something I failed to think always seems to happen, there's a queue at the till, there dragging out all those vouchers, I start to fret, I hadn't planned on being in the queue longer than 2:3mins. I feel faint, my heart is racing, I start to thinking I should have joined the other queue! 


4. Tidiness - the hangup about everything.

This is one of my all time bug bares, things being out of place. I am not obsessive or anything near manic like some people can be with picture frames. Nothing is arrange by date with all the labels to the front of the cupboard, this doesn't apply to the 20 packets of cuppa soup. Everything has it's place and is kept neat and tidy not to any type of angle or degree, but the remotes and coaters are all at right angles. I am not compulsive however anything that needs folding, is folded one way and placed in a draw, then socks get thrown in one side and underwear to the other. I don't iron anything, it all comes straight out of the washer and immediately onto hangers to dry. I don't push the vacuum about much as it's a stupid awkward thing that gives me a bad back, anyway I do enough exercise I don't need anymore. I do have a mass of paperwork on one side of the desk, once in a while I sort through it, then put it all back where it was for another year, only taking out anything I might need, I did notice a letter from the NHS dating back to 2015 with a post it note I had attached with the words 'IMPORTANT - notify the doctors of your new address, idiot you moved.' So much for being organised!


5. OCD - the hangup about hangups.

This is the ultimate icing on the cake, if you have ever watched anyone with a obsessive–compulsive disorder, you feel this almost compulsive desire to say something you know is going to be the worst thing to ever come out of your mouth, but you most inadvertently do say it. It normally takes on the form of 'you have already done that, already', or 'what are you doing', or 'is that some routine you always do'. None of these will go down well with anyone let alone a person with OCD. I do however get some small satisfaction out of watching the OCD afflicted acting in a most bizarre way with the tap or fridge, if only to that degree that I thank my parents for bringing my brother and I through our childhood without fucking it up too much.



Take it as it comes and don't worry too much, shit happens, and when its happening more often to others its sadistically satisfying that they are worse off than you. You are perfectly you in every way, so stay that way!

Accepting the fact that nobody is perfect and that you will make mistakes, you then can strive to inspire others.

Work on accepting that not everyone will like you, no matter how nice you are or how much you try to please them. 

We all live from our own perception and in almost every situation, there is no right or wrong.

There are just differences in opinions and the way we all see the world.

Don’t let what others say or their opinions define who you are. You are a unique human being; which means you are powerful in your own right.

Trust that events are unfolding the way they are meant to and stop trying to control the situation. Embracing the unknown is when the greatest surprises will present themselves.

Let go of the past and move forward, you have the present moment and a choice to make it joyful, happy, and full of love.


Personal observations some anecdotal 

Check the links below to buy something to help with your hangups



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Bah Humbug! 

This is not a time to be joyful, or merry, the shops a full of stressed mad people, and that's just the staff, the mince pies start appearing, the radio starts acting all melancholy with jingles and such like, the roads are pitied with salt and grit, if only Chris Rea was coming home for Christmas!

I managed to grab a big bag of festive pigs in blankets flavoured crisps from Iceland, to my surprise they are really nice, this sort of stuff should be available all year round. Why do all the best things only ever appear at this festive time, for most part of the year I am struggling to buy anything half decent.

This is my hangup: there is nothing to be cheery about stuck in a Christmas shopping queue, listening to piped xmas music with children running riot.

I refuse to have any kind of tinsel or festive cheer around the place, the xmas cards that appear are merely a front of my former family life if to only appease a few. If anyone cares to try and change the woes of my ways be my guest, the efforts could be misguided.


Personal observations some maybe anecdotal 

Check the links below to buy something for the festive season



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Some literary work in which I try to express, feelings and ideas, so intensity by the use of my own distinctive style and mostly without any rhythm or reason. This collection will grow as time passes, please come back for updates. They are displayed in descending order as written, with all the most recent works to the top.




You stir a new world in me a world of memories,

Lost in your soul are moments lost in your eyes,

Moments that will be with us for a life time.


There is plenty of life left for us to shine,

And when the time is right, we will shine,

And the whole world will know about it.


The waiting is slow, but our love is strong,

Some days dragging like a dead cat,

The future is ahead and we are riding the wave.




The eerily silence broken but by a creak,

Then quiet again until the next,

Turning hoping for a glimmer,

Of your face in the dim light.

Still as the night is your presence is felt,

If only that of a heart beat away,

I love you.




Try try as they mighty as they tried,

Restless in their own thoughts ,

For sleep that would not come.


Never doubt who will hold your hand,

For mine is always firmly in yours,

Fingers entwined, closer.



Now we are complete.




You give me hope,

You give me meaning,

You give me routine,

You make me whole,

You give me feeling,

You looked into my soul,

As I looked into yours.


I am me because of you,

and because of you,


I can go on being!




Not come as a shock,

Seen from a distance,

Like a gurt cloud,

Building and swirling,

Now there is a strange space,

Not sure what this is.


If this was a dream,

I would wake up and sigh,

If this was real life,

I would break down and cry,

If this was a fantasy,

I would ask why,

If this was make believe,

The end is nigh.


Is this love,

Is this fantasy,

Is this make believe,

Is this real life,

Or just a dream!




A weekend away

A trip to an island

Half a catsuit

A walk across a bridge

Some inn food and chat


Intimate contacts and some

A proposal 


A walk on a quiet beach trail

A walk with noisy traffic

A drink, food and chat

Some contact

A moment of anxiety, a bite

Just a vampire thing


Another night without sleep for one

Awkward moments

Are we done?


Crash bang!


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